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The valley of the River Tud is an area in Norfolk of great natural beauty and the habitat for a variety of wildlife. The river originates in chalk outcrops near Shipden and flows east for 24 kilometres to the confluence with the River Wensum in Costessey. It separates the built areas of New and Old Costessey and has attractive wooded slopes and meadows. There are also a golf course, paddocks and fishing lakes.

The Townhouse Road planning inquiry in 2012 showed that many local people care deeply about the local environment and want to ensure that a balance is maintained between the natural landscape and areas for wildlife and built development.

In April 2013 a group of local residents got together, with the support of Costessey Parish Council, to form a community group called the Friends of the Tud Valley.

The aim of the group as set out in the constitution is:

To protect the natural and historic landscape and wildlife habitats of the Tud Valley
The objectives are to

• maintain and enhance the character of the landscape
• protect and enhance wildlife habitats
• protect and enhance sites of archaeological and historic interest
• manage opportunities for public access to the countryside for quiet recreational pursuits
• encourage local participation in the development of the project and a community management plan
• increase local community and visitor awareness and appreciation of the area


We are planning to gather information about the Valley and put together a community management plan that can inform decisions taken by the local authorities and other statutory agencies. The plan will set out what local people think is special about the Tud Valley. We are also hoping to carry out activities with volunteers, have a web site
and produce a newsletter.