Wellbeing Gardens

The installation of the Well-BEE-ing Gardens at the Costessey Centre

The Wellbeing Gardens

Building on the positive response to the Sensory Garden beds in Costessey Park, we sought funding for a larger, fully accessible pollinator-friendly “Well-BEE-ing Garden,” also in the park, adjacent to the car park and main path. The design for the garden was based on a series of seven hexagonal inter-linked raised beds representing a honeycomb effect. We were successful in securing £5000 from a Saffron Housing Community Grant which enabled us to start the project with the construction of five beds whilst we continued our efforts to apply for other funding to complete all seven.

The Installation

The five beds were installed during during early February (Photographs below) filled with soil and then be ready for planting with the pollinator-friendly plants which will provide a rich nectar source for our endangered pollinators from early spring through the summer to late autumn. Whilst working in your gardens, if you have an excess of any such pollinator-friendly plants that you could donate to this project, please let us know. We would welcome those, especially if you are able to pot them up in readiness for planting, but equally I am happy to collect them and pot them up in my garden. I sent out a request for more pots when my store of pots was shrinking drastically, and now have a plentiful supply. So please save any excess perennials such as Phlox, salvias, herbs and bee other attractant species.


Eleven members of The Friends of the Tud Valley – Costessey Community Gardening Club, selflessly dedicated their time this morning, planting up the new Well-BEE-ing Gardens at the Costessey Centre.