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Posted by on Nov 11, 2015 in News | 0 comments

Suspected outbreak of crayfish plague on the Wensum

The Environment Agency are currently investigating a suspected outbreak of crayfish plague on a neighbouring river, the River Wensum at Fakenham.

Crayfish plague is a non-native water mould (fungus) that is carried by American signal crayfish. The American signal crayfish is a non-native, invasive species and is not normally affected by the plague. However, our native White Clawed Crayfish are very susceptible to the fungus and a number of them have been found dead in the River Wensum.

The River Tud is a good habitat for our native crayfish and supports good numbers of them – so please keep an eye out for any signs of problems.

Please also remember to “check – clean – dry” any equipment you use in the rivers to help stop the spread of the disease and other non-native invasive species.

Crayfish in the Wensum fact sheet


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