Costessey Community Gardening Club – January Notes

Notes on the meeting of Costessey Community Gardening Club  Held at The Costessey Centre on Wednesday 19th January 2022 The topic for the evening was “Propagation – Plants for Free” Pauline Williamson (PW) welcomed new and existing members to the meeting.  At the start of the meeting, new membership cards were distributed. PW introduced Lesley […]

Library raised bed ‘ dig – out ‘

Despite dire weather forecasts for Saturday 27th November, seven stalwart members of the newly formed FOTV Costessey Community Gardening Club defiantly dug out the wildly overgrown raised bed by the Library in Breckland Park, cleared the bed of weeds, reset some of the desirable plants and all of the bulbs, and finally added pansies, evergreen […]

The Sensory Garden at Longwater Park

The Sensory Garden was the first project that members of the club tackled. Indeed, it was during the creation of this garden in the Longwater Park adjacent to the Costessey Centre that discussion between the gardeners led to the formation of Costessey Community Gardening Club. The three raised beds were built by Bear and Co […]

Costessey Community Gardening Club December Update

Even though we haven’t been able to meet during December, a lot has been happening “behind the scenes” for our Community Gardening Club, leaving us in an exciting position as we approach the New Year. Firstly, Henry has been working hard to publicise the club and promote our aims. He has developed the logo that […]

The Formation of the Costessey Community Gardening Club

“If a Community come together to garden, to help a garden to thrive,  then that will help that Community to thrive” A quote from Gardeners World BBC1 September 2021 Costessey Community Gardening Club is a new venture for The Friends of The Tud Valley Set up during autumn 2021, the club has these aims: To […]